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Spain-like structures in Balanga City
Written by Cherry Colerra   
Wednesday, 05 June 2013

Plaza Mayor de Balanga

Recently, the grand lighting of frontages of high-rise buildings, new library, and the St. Joseph Cathedral was witnessed by Balangueños in the city. The famous Spain-like famous structures and architectural landmarks reinvent the splendid night scene.

Thru the investment of business tycoons such as Jerry Acuzar, Dr. Eusebio Aquino, and former Consul Eduardo de Guzman, the Spain’s Lighted City became a reality and Mayor Garcia feel indebted to them. Because of them employment in the city had increased.

Acuzar, owns the Galeria Victoria and Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar, a world-class resort and hotel in the sandy beaches of Bagac, Bataan; Aquino is the owner of Plaza de San Jose Building; and De Guzman or “Don Eddie” owns Centre Plaza Mall.

De Guzman began his investments 18 years ago with his first fastfood franchise, then after being successful, Centre Plaza Mall was built. At present, he has 29 burger chain outlets here and abroad.

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