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Bamboo Propagation in Hermosa
Written by Cherry Collera   
Thursday, 29 November 2012
Bamboo or "kawayan" is a lasting woody which belongs to the family of grasses. The bamboo culm or pole is best use as inexpensive raw material for housing and construction, furniture, handicraft, banana props, fish pens, musical instruments, pulp and paper manufacture, and many more. Bamboos are planted typically in river banks and waterways to hold the soil to prevent soil erosion. Based from a research, bamboo can be propagated in different methods. To prove the study, Engr. Romualdo Sta. Ana, a bamboo expert, conducted training sessions at the 150-square nursery built for a planting stock of about 3,000 propagules. With this scenario, the Philippine government had recently launched the Engineered Bamboo or e-Bamboo Project.

The propagation program was initiated by Alex Litton in Barangay Sumalo, Hermosa, Bataan wherein 27 people from Pulo and Pandatung have participated. Riverforest Development Corporation manages the 213-hectare property owned by Litton. Thru the said project, Litton aimed to expound the different benefits of bamboo and its uses. [via]
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