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Bataan Hotels & Restaurants Tie-Up with Local Suppliers
Written by Cherry Collera   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Bataan Hotel and Restaurant Owners’ Association (BHROA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will conduct as assessment that will help strengthen ties between food service establishments with local suppliers. DTI-Bataan Director Yay Lasam said DTI will find manufacturers and suppliers that will match the needs of food service establishments. This will eliminate the added costs when hiring a middleman. The partnership of BHROA and DTI will provide a list of micro, small and medium enterprises that will supply the needs of prospective food establishments.

This means will also boost the tourism in the province. When the establishments purchase the goods produced in Bataan, transportation and ordering costs will be lessened. BHROA President Lino Obana said that they aim of buying cheaper but quality goods from the local suppliers. With this, hotel and restaurant owners may agree on a standard price so no competition will occur. They will also be able to create more pasalubong shops, help the farmers, fishermen, and other manufacturers.

Assessment forms are now distributed to BHROA members to ascertain their needed goods. [via]

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