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Pangasius Fish Farming in Bataan
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Department of Trade and Industry in Bataan is endorsing Pangasius fish to the Bataan Hotel and Restaurant Owners' Association (BHROA). DTI-Bataan director Yay Lasam explained that this will help the organization to lessen their cost since they are using the said fish as the main ingredient of some of their menus. The price of Pangasius is Php 120.00 to Php 160.00/kilo compared to the Cream Dory which costs Php 7,000.00 per 10 kilos or Php 700.00 a kilo.

According to BHROA president Lino Obana, the association will be discussing about the use of Pangasius in their recipes to support the DTI's advocacy of producing freshwater fish. They will conduct a taste test to decide if Pangasius could be an alternative to Cream Dory. At present, they are importing thousands of tons of Cream Dory from Vietnam. DTI-Bataan is currently introducing Pangasius in the market because even the fish vendors are not aware of it. Pangasius farms initiated in Mindanao. DTI brought the program to Regions 3, 4, 5, and 8 to lessen the country's average monthly imports of Pangasius from Vietnam which amounts to 600 metric tons equivalent to $1.650 million. The agency also encourages fish farms breeding of Pangasius in Bataan since the province already owned one. DTI explained that if the country will be able to substitute its monthly importation of Pangasius by 2016, 270 hectares of land will be developed and this will generate Php 650 million investments and will bring employment to at least 2,700 people.

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