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Beanery, now in Orani
Written by Gem   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012

Where else can you be assured of getting a good meal and a coffee at 11pm?

The Beanery Coffee and Foods
Photo credit: Rochelle Silva

The most famous restaurant-café  in Bataan, with two branches in Balanga City, has now opened in Orani. Being so devoted to the fine art of coffee, there is no wonder why The Beanery is expanding.

The Beanery, Orani, Bataan

The service in The Beanery is virtually flawless. It is the most fashionable place in Orani to be seen eating or drinking. Menu items feature different pastas or pizzas, spare ribs, pork belly, salmon, sisig, crepes, cakes, potato mojos and chips, coffees and iced-blended ones, non-caffeinated drinks and many more. Tables are almost always occupied with customers who were satisfied, making them come back again and again because of everything about The Beanery - the foods and drinks, the ambiance, and the crew.

The Beanery, Orani, Bataan
Photo credit: Rochelle Silva

If you are a smoker or you just want to enjoy the weather, you can dine outside, where comfortable chairs and tables are available. Especially appealing is the Orani Church just across The Beanery.

The Beanery, with its cozy and comfortable atmosphere, is perfect for family and friends. It also is grand enough to impress clients and VIPs. And also, for the one you love.

The Beanery is where you head for when you want a taste of the best of Orani.

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