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Guidance is Necessary in Elementary
Written by Annabelle B. Ambrocio   

School is a second home where values of pupils are being inculcated and strengthen through the integration of the different values in all learning areas not only in Values Education. Thus the guidance program of the school is being reinforced thru the different  school and classroom  activities  as well as the continuous evaluation of  every  pupil using  anecdotal records, conducting case studies and home visitation with the cooperation of the classroom adviser.

Effective guidance program is necessary in order to develop the pupil’s holistic personality not only the intellectual aspect but the moral, spiritual and emotional side of every pupil. Thus every school in the district of Abucay utilizes  different strategies , programs and  undertakes various guidance activities to inculcate among pupils the values that are needed to be practiced and enhanced.
In every school one teacher is in charge of the guidance program wherein  she keeps pupils records, settles disputes concerning pupils and even among parents. And  to improve the behavior and attitudes of the pupils and address common behavioral problems, regular meetings with the parents are being done in  order to consult  and confer the parents regarding the welfare of their children.

Meanwhile the guidance counselor also assists teachers in conducting home visitations among pupils who are candidates for leaving school within the school year  wherein with proper consultation with the parents  to solve common problems of drop outs and frequent absenteeism. Every pupils has its own individual portfolio in order to have records on the various activities she/he embarked which  is being kept by the teacher adviser for future reference.

Through these different programs  and activities right conduct and moral values among pupils particularly among intermediate  pupils who seem to forget those good traits are being instilled and enhanced as well as the emotional quotient of every pupil is being developed and created a new breed of generation who are morally upright.

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