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A Tribute to Special Mentors
Written by Annabelle B. Ambrocio   

Recognizing teachers are instrumental in building the nation , President Benigno S. Aquino III paid tribute to teachers by proclaiming September 5 to October 5 of every year as National Teachers Month. President Aquino signed the Poclamation 242 which aimed to revitalize the image of teaching as a voation by increasing public awareness of the value of teachers in Philippine society and national development.

In connection to this  some parents and pupils were asked  about the life changing lessons and experiences they gained from their teaches. And here are some responses  gathered from some interviewees:
I will never forget my Math Teacher Miss Cristina Decena. She has this nice voice that never changed ever in front of rowdy pupils. She sometimes cracked jokes in front of the class that made me laugh especially those   unforgettable punch lines. - Nico Kyle Cuevas
My favorite teacher during elementary was Mrs. Remedios del Rosario , but we usually called her Ma’am Remy. She never failed to make everything interesting and forced us to stand in front of the class (no matter how shy I was back there to answer a mathematical problem). She is really a motivator. - Leanne Angelene Tayo
The person who strikes me as having influenced me on who I am, it would be my Grade III English teacher. She really encouraged everyone of us to recite and participate in class discussion. That’s why I was motivated to pursue my dream to become a teacher. - Mrs. Sharon Guanzon
Mrs. Irma Navarro, my grade IV teacher, believed in my abilities when nobody else did. Though I was not that smartest kids in the class she trained me for the  contest which I eventually won. She really changed me from a meek to confident pupil who overcame my fears. - Mrs. Racquel Jaime
Mr. Ludivigo Vinzon , my EPP teacher who really make studying fun and he is one  of the few people who inspired me to pursue my dreams. - Elmer Yuan Mamalateo
I won’t forget Mrs. Dorothea Parrera my fifth grade teacher who  helped me to achieve my ambition, because of her assistance to finish my elementary grades. - Elsa De Luna
Ma’am Lerma dela Rosa taught me how to read. She encouraged me to have a good Comprehension Skills in English and Filipino that’s why I am good when it comes to reading. And I am grateful of what she did to me. - Paolo Geronimo
These are only some of people who were greatly touch their lives by teachers. It is more than what knowledge and skills  learned from then, but more on the lessons of hope, love, selflessness and   sacrifices – the greatest values ever taught to every pupil. So make everyday an special day for our teacher not only every October 5 . Always express our gratitude to our mentors.

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