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Peace and Contentment
Written by Jovelyn V. Saldaņa   

Where will I peace and contentment? This is the question being asked by countless people in this world. We ask this question amidst the myriad of problems haunting us.

Well, religion does make a person happy and peaceful if he is satisfied with the organization he is in. But we know that despite the presence of so many religious denominations, may people remain unhappy. So how do we find peace and contentment?
One way is to be satisfied with the material things that we have. This doesn’t mean that we should be satisfied with being hungry or poor all throughout our life. Enjoying a few luxuries is not bad and sinful. But the problem is, many people desire too much. If we already have sufficient food and clothes, that should be enough for us. If we don't owe any money that should be fine keep your self away from the love of money... Those who want to get rich may fall into  temptation of many harmful and immoral desires. If you only have a few hundred pesos and you feel that you’re rich, then you’re very rich. But even if you have millions of money in bank, but still you're not satisfied, then you’re poor, very, very poor.

Do not store riches here on earth. Instead, store up riches in heaven for your heart will always be where your riches are. If you keep on desiring for worldly things, you will never find peace and contentment. However, if you learn the simple things in life, you will become happier. Appreciate the sunrise, the smiles of your baby, the laughter of the passerby, or just the mere fact the you’re still breathing. You don't to be a hero, or a priest or a pastor. Just do good things, little by little, each day of your life. It is only through doing good to others that you can really find peace and contentment.

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