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The Enchantment of Morong
Written by Fergie Fabian   
Sunday, 06 May 2012

The early morning sunshine flashed on me and I was left stupefied, being chased by the setting where I was situated. Some waves crashing rashly on the rocks, some of them landing gently on the sand, the mixture of the trees, sky, and mountains, and the over-all captivating ambiance made me feel like if there is a place in this world I ought to be, then this is it.

Bucco Bali Beach Resort

The high-class yet affordable Bucco Bali Beach Resort in Brgy. Sabang, Morong, Bataan offers more than just your ordinary beach. Bucco Bali, being caressed by fresh air, has the magic to trap you from one of fits attractions to another you’ll find it hard to move on. Its air-conditioned rooms, some of them two-storey and can accommodate as many as 18 people, are perfect for families. Outside a room stand a wooden swing, most suitable for coffee and cigarettes. Nearby is an elegant swimming pool, useful once you get tired of the majestic sea. The powdery sand makes beach volleyball so alluring it is hard to resist.

Bucco Bali Swimming Pool

Bucco Bali Beach Resort Cottages

But what really sells the place is the sea. Stone formations found here are ideal. Boat-riding activities are welcomed and encouraged, and safety is ensured. Also, there is a mini-house right at the middle of the waters. A trail was built so there is no need for one to wet himself. This place can be used when eating and is best for drinking coffee and loosening up one’s thoughts. Bonfire and Jacuzzi can also be enjoyed.

Bucco Bali Collage Photos

Bucco Bali Beach Resort is a different version of perfection. See for yourself.

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