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Why Pupils Drop from the Class?
Written by Sharon T. Guanzon   

Dropping out from the class is  one of  the  most common problems among pupils specially those in the lower and lowest section. Some say that once a pupil never attends a class it is a teacher factor since the prime motivator for the pupil to come to school.

But the blame of dropping out should not be shouldered by teachers because there other factors which greatly  affect  the  learning of these children such as  parents, barkadas, and even the exploitation of minors whose parents require their children to help them in earning a living like selling or vending  stuffs – cigarettes, newspapers, balut , etc.

Here are some common reasons of  pupils who drop from the class:

  1. 1. Most pupils tend to drop due to home conditions and personal reasons
    2. They are not satisfied with their life , they want better life for themselves.
    3. Because of economic reasons brought by broken family relationships, illness, and personal attitudes of the pupils.
    4. Due to socio economic status and attitudes of parents towards education

In order to avoid these kind of problems there should be a holding power for the school to keep the children of school age in school and even in high school education. Immediate counseling and guidance is needed for those who have the tendencies to leave the school. Teachers should regularly monitor their pupils attendance and home visitations should be made  to have better ties with the parents. And lastly always  keep the learning environment a conducive place for learning.

Author: Sharon T. Guanzon

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