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Flood of Assignment... No More?
Written by Sharon T. Guanzon   

Apparently the Department of Education has issued DepEd Memorandum No.329 s. 2010 which states that there will be no more assignments or homework during weekends among elementary pupils to enjoy their childhood and spend time with their parents without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homework. Thus positive and negative reactions were expressed regarding the said memo.

Giving assignment  or homework plays a vital role in strengthening the learning of pupils of the lesson being taught or as part of enrichment. But there are times the suppose to be bonding activity between the parents  and children while doing the assignment  become burden activity since there are some teachers who give numerous or very difficult assignments which could take a lot of time before parents and children could really have a quality time to be together.

But for some parents and teachers what stated in the memo will create more problems in terms of building study habits among pupils, teaching self learning , self discipline and time management . Thus all of these will not be fully improved if  those assignments will be lessen or totally not be given among pupils. Some pupils tend to neglect their studies especially if there are no assignment which is the common fear of some parents and teachers.

Whether flood of assignments or not we as responsible pupils must study hard and do every task assign to us even it is an assignment or project while parents must guide and help their children in accomplishing such assignment .And for the teachers regulating the assignments will help to strengthen   more learning- it is better to give quality rather than quantity  assignments.

 Author: Sharon T. Guanzon

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