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Preserve Mt. Natib of Bataan
Written by Cherry   
Friday, 03 February 2012

Mt. Natib is an inactive volcano located in Bataan National Park . Environmentalists are now pursuing a scheme for the protection of the volcano. Illegal loggers and harmful tourist activities must be avoided. Through an event organized by non-government and government organizations, companies and residents of Bataan and Zambales had engaged in forest conservation activities last December 17. One of the participants is Sonny de la Cruz, 64 years old, an Aeta leader from Pastolan village in Hermosa town. He joined the one day fun run which includes games and tree planting, called "Barkadahan para sa Kalikasan". The tree planting activity aims for the protection of nature. According to Dela Cruz trees are being cut down. Aeta youths are informed that Mt. Natib is in danger, and they should start to preserve it. Members of six Aeta tribes participated in archery while Central Luzon residents joined in spear throwing and a 10-kilometer run.

Based from the research paper of Dr. Kelvin Rodolfo, professor emeritus of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, geologists had preserved the prehistoric pyroclastic flow from Mt. Natib that entered Subic Bay between 11,000 and 18,000 years ago. This concluded that Mt. Natib had the latest eruption. According to Brig. Gen. Edwin Manuel Remotigue, a Philippine Air Force commander in Pampanga, the military forces participated in the activity to help to fill the mountains with trees. Trees that are being cut should be replaced with small trees. Fruit bearing trees are not just a food source, by this means soil erosion will be prevented. Amado Villanueva, head of the provincial environment and natural resources office (Penro), conservation advocacy should be well spread among youth of today. Global warming is a result of deforestation, tree planting is the solution for global warming.

Penro cannot pursue with this project because of scarce resources. They only have few forest guards protecting the area though coordination with local governments and military force had been made. People should start to take care of the environment to prevent disasters. [via]

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