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When does a child's education begin?
Written by Asuncion B. Reyes   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012

When some people think of education, they think of children. In reality, education, they think of children. In reality, education begins when a child is a baby. Education begins at home. Those early lessons a child learns will guide him for the rest of his life. Lessons of respect, obedience, reverence, and self-control will help a child become a successful adult. Many mothers are eager to work outside the home but if at all possible, postpone the job as long as possible. The job of motherhood is the most important task ever. Those first five years are critical in a child development.

It is important for new born baby to feel love. Parents should not feel afraid to show affection. A warm and gentle touch communicates love to a baby. If the child lack that physically affection, his physical as well as emotional development will be affected.

Asuncion B. Reyes
Teacher III
Bagac Elementary School
Bagac, Bataan

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