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Developing Leadership In Children
Written by Asuncion B. Reyes   
Sunday, 15 January 2012

Leadership is an art which can be acquired, cultivated and practiced by anyone possesses the mental and physical ability and the moral integrity expected of a genuine leader. It is also working relationship that is used to inspire others to accomplish by working with him. The role of parents is important in developing leadership in their children.

There are many things to consider in order to develop leadership in our children they must grow in an atmosphere of discipline, high morale and efficiency. A child  must be obedient in all activities in school if he wants to be a leader someday. A child can be disciplined through training. He must develop love for arts and sports. If a child has no discipline at home, leadership will not be developed. Well-disciplined children in a family are likely to lead and have high morale.

Morale is the state of mind of a child as shown by his eagerness ad willingness to do his duty. Specific duties at home must be given to children no matter whether they  belong to a poor or rich family. He must be given daily chores at home. Parents must know their children if they are to help them develop as leaders. Better understanding of how children react and function may be proven by making a conscientious effort to observe, become  personally acquainted with the children an recognize individual differences and to share in their joy and sorrows

Parents should keep their children well-informed about their family and the purpose of their assigned  tasks with maximum initiative. Parents who fail to make information available to children will soon find that they are performing blindly without purpose. Leadership must first be set by parents. Any parent who fails to give good example or appears in an unfavourable light before his children destroys the respect that must exist between him and the children before leadership can be formed in them.

Parents must train their children as a team. The duty of every parent include the development of them work. Sense of responsibility must also be developed in the child. Children should be taught how to be sincere and honest. Recognition and praise should be given to children even in public. Their authority someday as a leader will depend on their competence and experience.

Asuncion B. Reyes
Teacher III
Bagac Elementary School

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