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The Fading Essence Of Education
Written by Asuncion B. Reyes   
Sunday, 08 January 2012

People have various interpretation about education. Others say that it is the key to prosperity, others believe that it is a matter of recognition, still others pronounce that education is what makes a person worthy to be emulated by others and still others reveal that it is the reaching of one s ambition and goals in life.

Whatever is the true meaning of education, the most significant is that ignorance is away from it.It is a tool for economic survival, a road to know and understand the strengths  and weakness of one s ideas and opinions.It is a way to success in different endeavour and a light that shines in our pathway while climbing to our destiny. Education is what makes a person dignified and respected.It is what  we acquire from the environment,school and from the values we have learned from our family where  we came from.It is what we are, the attitudes, actions decisions and words we utter everyday which point out what kind of person we are.Having education is the really of being a personally,emotionally,intellectually.morally and spiritually speaking.Education is`part  of our daily life, it is forever.Education is like a potter s hand that can mold an individual and a nation in its real sence.From the different views about,we can tell ourselves if the education we have is really the education we must possess.

Is there really education in us? Or we are just pretending that we are the best for our own choice? Therefore ,whatever our`answer is,we should bear in mind that the most important fact in our life is to have education in its real meaning.

Asuncion B. Reyes
Teacher III
Bagac Elementary School

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