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Conservation of Mariveles Watershed
Tuesday, 04 October 2011

The recent successful launching of an environmental protection campaign aimed at protecting and preserving the unique beauty of Tarak Peak, the highest mountain range which serves also as watershed in this industrial town has created an environmental awareness with the support showed by government officials and private individuals.

The environmental awareness campaign was actually initiated by typhoon victim resident of Metro Manila Dennis B. Cuarto who launched the Tarak Travel and Events Koordinator (TREK) in his bid to drum up support for environmental protection. An economics graduate of Ateneo de Manila, Cuarto specifically lauded Congressman Abet S. Garcia, 2nd district, and top officials of the Authority of Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) headed by its chairman and administrator Lawyer Deo Custodio for their unequalled support in the campaign on environmental awareness for the preservation and protection of the Tarak Peak mountain range.

Cuarto sold his little computer shop in barangay Alas-asin, Mariveles town just to start his crusade in environmental protection after he himself had become a victim of typhoon "Ondoy" that swept through Metro Manila few years ago. Cuarto’s motorcycle business in Metro Manila was also severely affected after all his brand-new motorcycles were eaten by rust and moss after days of massive floods.

"I would like to give special praise to Congressman Garcia, AFAB chairman Custodio, Mayor Jesse Concepcion of Mariveles town and other concerned citizens for their indescribable support in launching of 1st TREK," said Cuarto who gained praise from the people of Bataan.

Atty. Custodio and his group from AFAB have been ascending twice into the 1,022 meter high above sea level Tarak Peak upon the invitation of Cuarto, and he (Custodio) himself noted the unique beauty around Tarak Peak.

Actively joining with Cuarto in TREK group are Ronadi Montecillo, head of Administration; Reslyn Clasara, Head for Operations and Romina Cervantes, head for Finance and Allit Fallore.

Mayor Concepcion and Rep. Garcia, had also cited Cuarto's move, despite his not being a resident of Bataan. [via Manila Bulletin]

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