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Better Health Care for Elementary Pupils to Improved Learning
Written by Mrs. Clarissa L. Nacpil   
Monday, 18 July 2011

In a recently concluded study on "Improving the Learning Condition of Elementary Pupils" by the Department of Education, they found out that childrens' health should be given top priority. This is the reason why major programs were launched to improve the physical condition of every FIlipino child. Some of these programs are Supplementary Feeding Program and Dental and Medical check-ups.

Included in the roles of the teachers today is to ensure the physical and mental health of every pupil in the class. It is their duty to monitor the health condition of their pupils and make sure that they have sound bodies and mind so as to avoid drop-outs and absenteism. One of the reasons why they dropped from school is undernourishment so they must be included in the concerns of the teacher in her class.

Schools today should encourage stakeholders in order to provide better health care services to their clientele.

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