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What Should We Do on the First Day of School
Written by Juvy P. Cruz   
Friday, 08 July 2011

The first day of school is always an adventure and it is very important day for both the teacher and the pupils. It is on this day when expectations begin and may also end, especially on the part of pupils. It serves as a hint on what kind of class, kind of atmosphere they may have (exiting/ boring) for year-along engagement.

It is then the time on the part of the teacher to generate a positive out look or approach and active participation of the pupils.

You should plan what you should do and put an action afterward. The planing must be a head for two to three weeks because the more prepared you are the more relaxed and resilient you will be. during your first encounter with the class, discuss them your expectations and participation in class activities. Tell them the rewards for achievement and punishment for disobeying or violation of regulations. Let the pupils involved in some and enjoyable stories, songs, poems and games.

Be firm in your decisions. Say yes if you mean yes no if you mean no. Because sooner or later, the class will detect any inconsistency like being strict and being very tame the next moment and this will confuse them.

Show enthusiasm or be confident. Don't worry if you make mistakes there is always room for improvement.

Be flexible. Stay healthy and functional. You may be the oldest is the class but definitely the dearest thing important person in the classroom. Nourish the children continuously  with love good needs and knowledge.

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