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Motivation in School Learning
Written by Merlina R. Tinao   
Friday, 24 June 2011

Motivation s a process of impelling the pupils to do any activity. Motivating pupils to do something should be accompanied with interest, with appreciation and not just with the purpose of getting a high grade or for comparative reasons.

Many teachers commit the mistake of coaxing a pupil to do something out of fear (hence, the presence of stick). The end may be achieved, but the means used is questionable, resulting in an adverse reaction to the task done. On the other hand, sweet-talking or bribing a pupil to do something leads to the same result: the task is done, but for the wrong reason. The pupil will love the prize not the task.

Why is motivation very important? Primarily, a child or pupil needs to be motivated to:

  1. Arouse his interest
    Stimulate his desire to learn which leads to effort, and
    Direct these interests and efforts towards the accomplishment of suitable purposes.

The basic source of motivation is interest. Interest must be built up so the pupil will give attention to anything presented to him. It is sometimes hard to arouse the interest of the learner because of his choosy and fickle attention. Anything the presented should be appealing to the intellect and to the emotions, where one can easily identify with it.

Sources of interests could be:

  1. The appreciation of the value and worth of the subject matter itself.
    Recognition of a value inherent in the subject matter, either as a foundation for other school work as a preparation for a vocation or occupation.
    Curiosity which stimulates a desire to acquire information or to achieve understanding.
    The influence and personal inspiration resulting from example set by the teacher.
    Social approval involving commendation of teachers, parents, students
    Competition of various types.
    Praise, approval, encouragement of others
    Desire for distinction, which includes grades, prizes, rewards, place in the honor roll, and the like.
    Economic necessity
    Desire to meet standards of accomplishment and to avoid the consequences of failure.

The basic factors that affect motivation are (1) pupil, (2) teacher, (3) and techniques and devices.
The teacher as one basic factor in motivation has to have certain qualifications that would make him more effective as a motivator.

  1. He should have clear understanding of the growth process and of the development and changes which take place in the individual as he progresses to maturity.
    He should also have a clear understanding of the functions of teaching.
    He should clearly understand the chief goal of the educative process.

The teacher should help the pupil to understand these motives to direct him in performing task in school and in his life. He should guide, direct and stimulate for the application of what he had known regarding the importance of motivation in school learning.

Motivation would serve as a direction for the development of a child’s interest until he reaches maturity.

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