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The Importance of Respecting Every Child's Learning Style
Written by Mrs. Imelda D. Robles   
Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Every child is unique. Each of them has his own talent, skill, behavior and style of learning. One cannot be compared to somebody in terms of his capacity to acquire knowledge. Juan might be able to learn while roaming around the class while Jose just stay in his chair but he is able to learn. Since each learner is unique, we, as educators should know how to respect this fact. When we fully understand how to choose the right teaching method and style for our children, then, that is the only time where learning will take place in our respective classes.

There might be additional loads for us teachers in identifying and choosing the specific learning style for our pupils but if we would be able to do it, there will be improvements on the part of our learners. Teaching-learning condition in our class will be full of fun and excitement, thus, our class will not be boring, instead it will bring challenge and inspiration to our pupils.

If we want to improve our class and at the same time, the achievements of our school, it's time for us teachers to respect our learner's learning style.

Mrs. Imelda D. Robles
Teacher I
Bagac Elementary School, Bagac District

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