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Sanitary Landfill in Abucay Bataan
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mayor Ana Santiago recently revealed the operation of the 1st sanitary landfill in Bataan this coming July.

The idea of coming up with landfill is patterned after the engineered sanitary landfill in San Fernando, La Union.

Situated in a 10-hectare land in sitio Macao, Barangay Capitangan, the said landfill was able to lessen the expenses since no need for liners like the low-cost liner facility in the La Union landfill because the land is made up of clay.

One cell of sanitary landfill, which costs P3 million, has the capacity to hold 5,600 cubic meters of garbage that will undergo filtering and another 1,680 cubic meters of garbage water extraction.

According to Municipal Administrator Dulay, the water extraction from the filtered wastes will serve as irrigation water for plants that will be grown that will help farmers in their water problems in growing their crops.

The town has the increasing volume of garbage collected daily and this drives the municipal government to impose the segregation of wastes to their residents. [via]

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