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Bataan nuclear plant: another tourist destination
Written by Cherry   
Monday, 30 May 2011

Ronald Tiotuico, regional tourism director, officially stated that the agency will be assigning tour groups who will teach the tourist about the nuclear power plant here in the Philippines. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant located in Morong, Bataan is a 620-megawatt plant. It was built almost three decades ago under president Ferdinand Marcos. It is safe since it became inactive in 1984. The cost incurred in its completion was $2.3 ‘billion. During 1970's, President Marcos wanted to help the country to help deal with energy problems and the oil price crises. Marcos' successor, Corazon Aquino refused to put it into operation, citing safety concerns like plant's location near an earthquake fault and active volcano.

Tiotuico further said that the plan was suitable in the midst of increased public interest in the issue following the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. It will be a learning experience because the tourist will see all the machinery and equipment. They will recognize what had happened in Fukushima and how it will not happen in Bataan. The plant was safe since the uranium fuel had been removed long ago. [via]

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