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Mariveles' seaport attracts multinational companies
Written by Cherry   
Wednesday, 18 May 2011

With the progress of this seaport, Marilveles officials and the Authority of Freeport area of Bataan (AFAB) headed by chairman and administrator Lawyer Deo Custodio forecasted that this coastal town will boom just like SBMA in the next few years. Custodio reported that five newly registered companies had shown their plan to invest here. They are: Lewisberg Warehousing and Logistics Corp. North Binghamton Solutions Corp. Off-Road Adventure and Classic Automative Restorers, Inc. Good Sail Trading, Inc. and Greenville River Manufacturing Corp.

According to Governor Enrique Garcia, the depth of this port fits to the newly-created AFAB and it can even exceed the success of SBMA since the Freeport here is just located along the open sea and mouth of Manila Bay. AFAB officials are now offering various incentives and tax benefits to potential investors. Mariveles Mayor Jesse I. Concepcion added that they have adequate number of people for deployment in AFAB. Some multinational businesses have been questioning and aspiring to invest in AFAB according to 2nd district of Bataan Rep. Abet S. Garcia, the father and brain of AFAB. The applications of these companies were approved upon conformity to all requirements for registration as FAB enterprise.

The potential investors include the following:

  1. Custodio, Lewisberg Warehousing and Logistics Corp. is a company that handles storage, safekeeping and inventory management of raw materials and production supplies.
  2. North Binghamton Solutions Corp. (NBSC) is also a company that manufactures anti-static plastic pallets, plastic crates and plastic trays. NBSC plans to sell overseas the eighty percent (80%) of its assembly output where twenty- five percent (25%) of which are direct exports to Asian countries and fifty- five percent (55%) is indirect exports to manufacturing export enterprises located in FAB, CDC and SBMA. Some of its production will be directly exported to Hong Kong, China and Singapore. NBSC will provide work for a total of 19 individuals.
  3. Off-Road Adventure and Classic Automative Restorers, Inc. offers re-establishment and/or modification of classic, terrain, and sports vehicles. Its major product services shall include fabricated alloy metal vehicle parts, exhaust system, seats, and interior parts. Their customers include buy and sell clientele and private individuals. Vehicles for re-establishment will come from the US and Japan and the completed product will be exported back to the US, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Off-Road Adventure will provide work for about twenty six (26) employees for the first year of its operation.
  4. The Good Sail Trading, Inc. constructs and exports athletic shoes and other related products which include shoes and footwear made up of rubber, leather, and nylon fabrics. Its covers market in Latin America, Europe and Asia. For its 1st year of operation, the company will provide job for 300 regular and 80 contractual workers.
  5. Greenville River Manufacturing Corp. fabricates bi auxiallary oriented polypropylene (BOPP) roll and polyethylene (PE) sheets and bags for use as packaging materials. Their markets include semi-conductor export enterprises. Potential clients include Amkor Anam and Texas Instruments located in Muntinlupa City. Greenville will employ twenty eight (28) employees. [via]
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