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5 New Companies in Mariveles Freeport
Written by Cherry   
Monday, 14 March 2011

The application for registration of five companies was recently approved by the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB). FAB Chairman/Administrator Deogracias Custodio led the approval of the application. With this new undertaking, the number of investors will increase. The newly registered companies are Lewisberg Warehousing and Logistics Corp., North Binghamton Solutions Corp., Off-Road Adventure and Classic Automotive Restorers, Inc., Good Sail Trading, Inc., and Greenville River Manufacturing Corp.

Custodio confirmed that Lewisberg Warehousing and Logistics Corp. will render warehousing and logistic services for export enterprises under FAB. Lindberg Subic Inc., manufacturer of high fashion frames; and Polar Marine Inc., assembler of tank cleaning equipment for ships will be the prospective clients. These are the services that will be rendered by the company: storage, safekeeping, and inventory management of raw materials and production supplies. North Binghamton Solutions Corp. manufactures anti-static plastic pallets, plastic crates, and plastic trays. From the production output, the company is expecting to export the 80 percent. The restoration and/or modification of vintage, terrain, and sports vehicles will be done by Off-Road Adventure and Classic Automotive Restorers, Inc. Its main product and services are fabrication of alloy metal vehicle parts, exhaust systems, and seats, and interior parts. United States and Japan will bring the vehicles for restoration to our country; the finished products will be exported back to various countries. [via]

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