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Discover Mt. Tarak Ridge in Bataan
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 03 March 2011

The rich potentials of the historic Mt. Tarak Ridge as a tourist spot were discerned by the Ayala Mountaineering Club Inc. (AMCI) and the members of the local climbers in the province. They call it "a place like no others" and "scene of one of the fiercest battles during World War II".

According to Mayor Jesse I. Concepcion, one of the mountain climbers, aside from its unique environment having cold weather and crystal-clear waterfalls, Mt. Tarak Ridge is 1,288 meters high above sea level. When you are on the top of Mt. Tarak Ridge, you will feel that you are in an airplane because you could see the whole view of Bataan, Manila Bay, and the tall buildings in Metro Manila. Also, businessman and mountain climber Dennis Cuarto, coordinator of Tarak Travel and Events, led the mountain climbing all the way to the Tarak Ridge. He said the place is unique because of its virgin forest, cold environment and unique site. Cuarto is planning to have a "1st Tarak Peak" trade fair in April to endorse its potentials as the highest mountain in the province.

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During the American and Japanese expedition led by American national Spike Nasmyth, they have found the remains of a World War II Japanese bomber plane and the skeletal remains of its pilot who occupied in a historic battle with an American aviator during World War II along the forested area. The discovery of the Japanese bomber and Sgt. Toshishada Kurusawa, pilot of the Tora-Tora plane grabbed headlines in national newspapers and rekindled the World War II events. The remains had been turned over to the relatives of the Japanese pilot who came here all the way from Japan for the nostalgic occasion. [via]

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