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Special Project for the Youth Started in Bataan
Written by Loren   
Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thru the effort of Bishop Ruperto Santos, "Isang Snack Ko sa Isang Linggo, Isasakripisyo Ko para sa Iyo!" project launched on the first day of January 2011.

The said project will benefit the young people of Bataan. The project pushes for the youth to give up at least one snack a week and to donate the amount saved to help fund the social services projects of the Diocese of Balanga.

Bishop Santos said in a letter to the young people of Bataan that through sacrifice and self-giving, we can forego comfort and pleasure as well as exercise self- control to help others though our kindness.

The funds that will be generated from the sacrificed snacks will be gathered and will be offered at the celebration of the Holy Mass every fourth week. [via]

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