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Mitsumi Philippines Laid Off
Written by Loren   
Monday, 09 February 2009

Trade union Congress of the Philippines reported last February 3 that Mitsumi Philippines Inc., a Japanese electronics firm with operations in Bataan and Cebu has laid off 4,400 of its staff.

Ernesto Herrera, former Senator and TUCP secretary general said that Mitsumi cited below production in both facilities as the company faces dropping global sales of personal computers.

The company cut back 2,400 employees in Bataan and 2,000 employees in Cebu and has asked the rest of its workers to avail of early retirement program.

At present, about 1,600 workers remain employed at the factory in Bataan and 8,000 in Cebu factory in Danao City.

The management sent notices to workers informing them that they may retire in advance. They did not say how many employees they want to leave, but for sure they want as many as possible to be disengaged instantly due to global economic crisis. [via ABS-CBN]

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