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The Importance of Trainings and Seminar - Workshops to Teachers Improvement
Written by Marites M. Bantugan - T III   
Saturday, 10 January 2009

Teachers are potent Factors in education. They are responsible for shaping the youth through quality education. It is imperative that teachers acquire the totality of the information and qualities of education through instructions and training which maximize the development of an individual physically, mentally and morally. If teachers would be able to implement good programs and provide the learners effective teaching learning situations, the success would be reflected in the desired changes in the pupil’s behavior. Teaching strategies acquired from seminar – workshops would be effective only in the hands of effective teachers. In their hands lies the responsibility of affecting desired changes in the lives of the pupils.

Since Seminar Workshops and trainings are useful  for the teachers, it is important to determine its effects on the trainees and even measure its effectiveness. To measure the training effectively, the School head need to think what to measure and when to measure in your training efforts and how to approach it. Once the system of evaluation has been organized and planned then the content of the program / training is developed and its purpose will be determined. If the school wants to know how effective the training was,  a complex evaluation and analysis must be done. For the goal of the training & Seminar. Workshop is not only to find out if it is well done  but instead, it seeks to find out what it achieved and if it is worth the expenses.

By: Marites M. Bantugan - T  III
Bagac Elem. School – Bagac District

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