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Back to Bataan Movie
Written by Lorena   
Monday, 27 October 2008

Back to Bataan is a ripped from the head lines drama produced as world war was drawing to a close. It captures the fighting in the Philippines during the brutal Japanese occupation with all the immediacy of a bitter conflict still in progress.

The story opens with the pending defeat of US and Filipino forces defending the Bataan peninsula outside manila against the Japanese army in early 1942.

The movie paints black and white portraits and Filipinos as virtuous heroes. The depictions and voice-overs reflect the fact that the US and Japan were in a fight to the death, in a situation where moral distancing would look absurd, understated, and consistent with their roles as military officers.

The movie is highly recommended as a realistic and thrilling account of the role played by the Filipino and Americans from Japanese.

After the fall of the Philippines to the Japanese in World War II, Col. Joseph Madden (John Wayne) of the U.S. Army stays on to organize guerrilla fighters against the conquerors.

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