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Teaching as a Mission
Written by Maricar S. Gerella   
Monday, 25 August 2008

{mosgoogle}Since teachers have chosen the teaching profession as their career then teaching is their mission. They are like missionaries who must be willing to accept, love and understand their pupils especially the poor, the sick and the needy. Inside the school their role will not be just a plain teacher but they will also act as doctor, nurse, lawyer, caregiver and others.

Because of the insufficient salary that teachers received, they learned to sacrifice for the sake of their pupil and their in life remains the same that is to teach and make their pupils productive and abiding citizens. Aside from this, teachers also do their best to meet the needs of their pupils. Their ability to attract stake holders in school is being challenge because there are programs in school that should be sustained like the School Feeding Program whose beneficiaries are the unfortunate pupils. Inspire of all their sacrifices in teaching, the Missionary Teacher takes pride because helping their pupils give them joy and fulfillment.

By Maricar S. Gerella - Teacher
Bangkal Elementary School
Abucay District

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