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Improving the Reading Abilities of Grade One Pupils thru Pre-Elementary Education
Written by Rowena B. Marcelo   
Monday, 21 July 2008

The rapid changes in the modern world today demand the importance and implementation of Pre-Elementary Education. It is because as our technology and way of life improves, the quality of our education deteriorates. Several studies revealed that the reading performance of Filipinos was logged behind our Asian neighbors. Even teachers often find their pupils who are practically non-readers, others can’t hardly read the most common words.

A way of achieving a marked difference in the school achievement is to help improve the reading abilities of Grade One pupils thru Pre-Elementary Education. This means that the Kinder pupils must be taught and must be guided in their reading sessions. A good foundation world be by teaching them or giving them variety of experiences in listening to sounds guided by using pictures or concrete objects. It would be followed by leading them to read the letters, then syllables, words, phrases and sentences. Following these steps will surely improve the reading abilities of pupils who will be enrolling in Grade One.

The inability of a pupil to read is one of the causes of the deteriorating performance in their cognitive development thus, teachers should really do their best in guiding their children especially during their foundation years... the Pre-School experiences.

Mrs. Rowena B. Marcelo T-III
Capitangan Elementary School
Abucay District

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