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An Entrancing Beach Resort in Morong
Written by Imee   
Thursday, 13 December 2007

Morong Bataan is wealthy in beautiful resorts where you can relax with your family and friends. Located in the western part of Bataan Province. It is more or less 50.48 kilometers from city of Balanga and about 174 kilometers from Manila. It has consisted of about 3.41% only of the whole population of the province of Bataan; it is the least populated among the twelve municipalities.

After of about one and half hour trip, we arrived at one of the finest resort in Morong, the Waterfront Beach Resort. The resort is nice-looking, well maintained and has reasonably priced rates. It's just right place to enjoy and relax.

Waterfront Beach Amenities

Resort Rooms

Bar and Restaurant

Found in Barangay Nagbalayong, it is bounded by the China Sea. They have swimming pool and a volleyball court aside from kids playground. There are pavilion and conference rooms to serve seminars. A restaurant that dish up complete meals and found also a snack bar facing the beach.

Beach Cottages

The place is just one of the resorts along the shred of Morong and a possible frequently visited beaches in the province. Who can forget that experience... an enticing sunset under the beach, it's so adorable.

We really had a great time while at the resort. Two days and one night seems not enough but we still want to give our big thank to the management for the on the house accommodation they gave us, moreover to Sir Raffy and Michelle and the rest of the staffs. Hopefully we'll have our comeback next year summer =).

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