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Sen. Manny Villar At Balikbayan
Monday, 19 November 2007
Se. Manny VillarProud son of Bataan, Senator Manny Villar had his homecoming in Orani, Bataan. Her mother originally came from the town of Orani. Mr. Villar again visited it as "Balikbayan" as tv host Drew Arellano joined him. The honorable senator is known for his modest beginnings, living in Tondo, Manila, he helped his mother sell seafood in Tondo to gain money for their family and support their studies. He studied well and earned a degree in Business Administration at University of the Philippines. He worked first in big companies and later venture into his own business. With his hard work and determination, Senator Villar succeeds well.   

Together with Drew, they explore the beauty and best that you will find in Senator Villar's hometown. They visited the town to name a few is the parish church Nuestra Senora Virgen del Rosario, the public market and reminisce times at their family dwelling in Brgy. Pakar. Also, they witness the Araro making, went to different resorts and beaches of the province like Peninsula de Bataan Resort, Farmlandia Inland Resort Ambon-Ambon Falls and Montemar Beach Resort.

Balikbayan anniversary episode with Senator Manny Villar will be shown on Friday, November 23, 2007 at 10:00 p.m. Let's all share the laughter and visit the province of Bataan.
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