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GNPower Bataan Plant
Saturday, 13 October 2007

A 600-megawatt plant plan in Mariveles, Bataan is about to be supplied by low-grade coal of three private companies that contracted by GNPower Co. Ltd. Partnership between GNPower and Power Partners Ltd. And funding manager PMR Holding Corp., update Energy Regulatory Commission that they will make use of low-grade and cheaper coal.

GNPower gave prior address to potential coal suppliers from the country and Indonesia to establish which is the most viable cost. Bidders is promised to receive package that included a model or draft long-term coal supply contract for low-rank coal, which has low calorific value, a similar agreement for middle-grade fuel and the recommended form of letter for the bid value.

GN Power said it determined to use low-rank coal and come into an agreement with three unidentified suppliers after evaluating the bids.

Philippine coal possessions have the possible of producing 1,000 MW to 2,000 MW of power, which will involve funds of up to $2 billion over a 25-year time.

Via Manila Standard Today

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