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Route to Dunsulan Falls
Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Here's another email that we received inquiring on how to go to Dunsulan falls.

we're planning to go to bataan for a day tour. picnic or swimming.
was wondering if the falls are open for tourists? how to get there? who to contact and how much? and is it near any other sites that we can visit too?


To help everyone who also want to know the same information about Dunsulan falls we decided to post it here. Dunsulan falls is located at Brgy. Liyang, Pilar Bataan. To get there, if you're from Pampanga - Manila and will just ride the bus trip to Balanga City, ending the bus stop at the Bataan Terminal, look for Bagac or Pantingan jeepney trip or Morong bus trip which will both pass the way to Barangay Liyang which comes after the way to Mt. Samat in Brgy. Diwa. One thing more, if you have your own car going there, you cannot completely enter Dunsulan. You need to walk a bit to get there.

Route to Dunsulan falls

Route map to Dunsulan falls and also to Mt. Samat in Pilar Bataan.

Dunsulan is open to public without any charge or fees to pay, you can also swim if you want but there are no available cottages at the moment because it is still developing. You can just rest underneath the trees. Other sites we can suggest that you can visit near Dunsulan is Mt. Samat which is also in Pilar Bataan.

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