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The Internet is fast becoming an essential component of any major ad campaign. Internet advertising is providing communities with an alternative.

Internet connection is more available now with hundreds of computer shops scattered around the province. Also, Internet connection fee and worth of personal computer are more affordable comparatively. Broadband connection is already in Bataan and as low as P999 fee per month (source: Smart Bro). Broadband offers faster connection and in “always on” status. Enticing Internet users to go online frequently and browse longer.

On the Internet, your ads can be accessed instantly and from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

We also offer web and graphics development to help you engineer your Internet presence.

Ad Products:

Premium Marketplace Ad
It is a fixed ad placements located in front page giving it additional and unobstructed visibility. Not rotated with other ads.  It is very effective for products and services campaigns.
(350 characters of text including spaces with picture 125 x 125 pixels)
  Contact us for more information

Advantage Banner Ad
A fixed ad placements positioned in front of, on the top and below the Latest News & Events. Advertisers are given fixed placement giving additional and unobstructed visibility on main pages of the site.
(485 x 35 image)

Featured “Gold” Listing
To be found in front of the Directory page & on respective category of your business. Highlighted with color that gives emphasis and visibility.
(Includes company name, description, address, contact no., website, email and 120 x 120 picture/logo)

Featured “Silver” Listing
Prioritize your business ad on respective category page. Highlighted with color that adds visibility to the audience.
(Includes company name, description, address, contact no., website, email and 120 x 120 picture/logo)

Travel Sponsor Listing
Found at Travel page for Food & Dining, Stay at Bataan, Shopping Galore and Nightlife in Bataan sections classified as Sponsored Links. Highly visibility in Travel Page where section your business categorized and most likely to browse regularly.
(120 x 60 or 234 x 60 image)

Why myBataan? should be the number one choice to launch your online presence here in Bataan. Three reasons why:

  • We have the largest reach and the only Bataan portal website. We have an average of 60,000+ pageviews and get 20,000+ unique visitors per month.  The top 10 countries visitors come from are Philippines, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, European Union, India, South Korea and Great Britain.
  • By utilizing our targeted audience, you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your online advertising efforts. You can deliver your message to your related industries and generate more leads and sales than non-targeted campaigns. Through targeting, you can be sure that you are reaching your target audience.
  • Displaying your ads multiple times to one visitor generates the best response. And in order to optimize the exposure of each advertiser, myBataan accepts a limited number of advertisers at a time to ensure that each advertiser gets the maximum coverage.

Advertising Policy reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason, including wording, appearance, or subject matter. does not accept advertising for illegal products or services, racially offensive products or services, pornography, or other adult services.

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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