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Mariveles, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific
Monday, 10 July 2006

134 cadets of Marine Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Mariveles, Bataan held their graduates rites last July 9, 2006. Receiving a Bachelor degree in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering, they will beneficially employed under different shipping companies and bespoke as Ensigns in the reserve force of the Philippine Navy.

De Venecia asked Representatives Albert Garcia of Bataan and Carlos Lacson of Negros Occidental to lead in the movement of extending more technical and financial assistance to the academy to be able to take over other schools.

He said that successful graduates of MAAP have jobs waiting for them and automatically become members of the reserve force of the Philippine Navy. He took pride in announcing that the Philippines to date has $21 billion in dollar reserves, the biggest recorded. “Filipino seamen contribute largely to this good record,” the congressman from Pangasinan said.

MAAP Kamaya Point describe as the greatest maritime school in the Philippines and was pushed by some officials to support, enhance and extend curriculum to take over other nautical schools, which will lead to the manifestation of a new homeland.

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