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Feast Days
Feast days, or “fiestas” in local parlance, are generally festive celebrations that involve fairs, carnivals, a tiangge (flea market), craft exhibits, amateur song and dance contests, musical shows. On the eve of a fiesta in Bataan, the merriment already begins with a serenata (brass band) concert or contest at the town plaza. On the big day itself, a drum and bugle band marches around the main thoroughfares with the kurakol or kuraldal or sambale (street dancing) strutting along its wake.

Pawikan Festival (Barangay Nagbalayong, Morong)
The Pawikan Festival is celebrated every November. Many tourists go to this sanctuary during the nesting season and especially during the Pawikan Festival to be able to get a chance to see turtles come up to shore at night to lay their eggs. During the Pawikan Festival, tourists are even able to "adopt a turtle" and personally hold and release a baby turtle into the sea.

Flores de Mayo (May)
A daily devotion to the Virgin Mary by offering flowers throughout the month. Highlighted with "santacruzan" or "sagala", a parade of beautiful Bataeña debutantes participate in full regale amidst flowers.

Holy Week
The observance of the Holy Week in Bataan starts with Ash Wednesday when kubuls are set up in every barangay for the pabasa wherein the life of Jesus Christ is read through chanting by devotees. It precedes the week-long activities that take place from Linggo ng Palaspas (Palm Sunday) to Salubong (Easter Sunday), highlighted by church events.

Bataan Day (April 9)
The Bataan Day Celebration is an annual event of the province. War veterans and their families travel from all over the country to Mount Samat every April 9 to reminisce the past and celebrate the bravery of our soldiers who offered their lives for freedom. Prior to the big day, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Tourism Office sponsor activities like a photo contest and exhibit, quiz bees, beauty pageants, trade fairs, and a drum and bugle competition/exhibition.

Paskuhan sa Mabatang (Mabatang, Abucay; December).
Christmas celebration in Matabang extends to the streets of every sitio in the barangay, which are lavishly adorned to rejoice the season.

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