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Natural Attractions

Dunsulan Falls (Pilar)
An enchanting spectacle in the heart of a forested hill behind the famous Mt. Samat in Pilar. Ideal site for picnic and swimming.

Pasukulan Falls (Abucay)
A natural wonder in the valley of Mt. Natib which remains unexplored and unspoiled. Fresh vegetation abound. Ideal for picnics.

Dinalupihan Natural Parks (Dinalupihan)
An unspoiled forest area ideal for picnics and camping activities with facilities for irrigation and game hunting. The surrounding area is great for day hikes and trekking.

Mt. Natib (Orani)
A dormant volcano rising to 1253 meters that provides a commanding view of the surrounding towns. It offers mountain climbers and nature lovers not only the pleasant cool mountain air but also a lush growth including exotic plant species and rare wildlife.
Balon Anito (Mariveles)
Called the “dead volcano,” it is frequented by elderly people who go to soak their feet in the water of the therapeutic hot spring at the mouth of the volcano.

Sibul Spring (Abucay)
A potential prime tourist destination in the province boasting sulfuric swimming pools and a wide area for outdoor recreation. Its main attraction is the natural spring believed able to provide muscle pain relief.

Mt. Silangan (Morong)
Boasts of an 80-foot high waterfall that cascades to a pool of refreshing cool water.

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