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The Class of 1975 Arellano High School
Written by Dan Domingo   
Wednesday, 25 January 2006
The Class '75 is forming their own alumni association.

After graduating Bataan National High School in 1975, we all parted in different ways of life. Some of us that are fortunate enough to finished college and pursued our careers. Some of us are in other parts of the world exploring. Let us get together once again and reminisces the memories of our high school days.

We thank God for all the wonderful things and blessings He gave us. We should keep on praying for our good health, to those who are sick and to those less fortunate in their lives.

Please visit Class '75 Yahoo Groups and join the batch '75 group. Complete your profile so you can be notified for any upcoming events. Looking forward for your participations and cooperations in our goals. God Bless Us!

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