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Conservation of Mariveles Watershed
Tuesday, 04 October 2011

The recent successful launching of an environmental protection drive aimed at protecting and preserving the exceptional beauty of Tarak Peak, the highest mountain range which serves as well as watershed in Mariveles Bataan has created an environmental consciousness with the support showed by government officials and private folks.

1,500 trees planted in Bagac
Sunday, 18 September 2011

A total of 1,500 trees were planted by more than 250 employees of different government agencies in the region as well as those from non-government organizations (NGOs).

Spearheaded by the Central Luzon Association of Regional Officers (CLARO), the planting of trees was conducted at mountainous portions of Sitio Kinainisan in Bagac; planted trees included narra and mahogany variety.

Tara Na! Biyahe Tayo
Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yehey! Kasama na ang Bataan. (",)

Biyahe Tayo other version.

Better Health Care for Elementary Pupils to Improved Learning
Monday, 18 July 2011

In a recently concluded study on "Improving the Learning Condition of Elementary Pupils" by the Department of Education, they found out that childrens' health should be given top priority. This is the reason why major programs were launched to improve the physical condition of every FIlipino child. Some of these programs are Supplementary Feeding Program and Dental and Medical check-ups.

What Should We Do on the First Day of School
Friday, 08 July 2011

The first day of school is always an adventure and it is very important day for both the teacher and the pupils. It is on this day when expectations begin and may also end, especially on the part of pupils. It serves as a hint on what kind of class, kind of atmosphere they may have (exiting/ boring) for year-along engagement.

Why Be Negative on K+12 Policy?
Thursday, 07 July 2011

Refusal to change is the person's immediate reaction every time a change has to be imposed. Upon hearing about the DepEd's K+12 policy, a lot of apprehensions had been given by some educators, parents and students.

Financial preparedness of the department for the implementation of this policy has been questioned. Parents perceived that the additional 2 years in high school would be an additional burden to their family's meager income. Students rejected on this policy, because for them, their agony in studying would be prolonged.

The Best Way to Learn
Thursday, 30 June 2011

As the teacher stands before the class, orderliness is the first thing to be checked. Tables, chairs, or desks should be aligned in columns. Pupils should sit up straight with their hands on their desk or lap. Pupils are not being allowed to talk unless being asked. This is a traditional belief that learning takes place in this kind of classroom routine.

Nowadays, it is already a passé. It is really hard to design all the pupils  in just one mold. Everybody possesses its individuality and this is also true in learning.

Motivation in School Learning
Friday, 24 June 2011

Motivation s a process of impelling the pupils to do any activity. Motivating pupils to do something should be accompanied with interest, with appreciation and not just with the purpose of getting a high grade or for comparative reasons.

The Importance of Respecting Every Child's Learning Style
Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Every child is unique. Each of them has his own talent, skill, behavior and style of learning. One cannot be compared to somebody in terms of his capacity to acquire knowledge. Juan might be able to learn while roaming around the class while Jose just stay in his chair but he is able to learn. Since each learner is unique, we, as educators should know how to respect this fact. When we fully understand how to choose the right teaching method and style for our children, then, that is the only time where learning will take place in our respective classes.

Sanitary Landfill in Abucay Bataan
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mayor Ana Santiago recently revealed the operation of the 1st sanitary landfill in Bataan this coming July.

The idea of coming up with landfill is patterned after the engineered sanitary landfill in San Fernando, La Union.

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